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Seminar topic for Computer Science department.


Research reports indicate that more than 80% of the web applications are vulnerable to XSS threats. User friendly web applications are developed to increase the customer base and hackers utilize the features provided by the web applications. In Web Security Applications Has Become Important As The Information Processed By Web Applications Has Become Censorious Corporations, Customers, Organizations, And Country. In Web Attacks Manage A Border Array Of Information   Which Includes Financial Data, Medical Records, Social Security Numbers, Intellectual Property And National Security Data. There Many Attacks Through Which Web Based Attacks Are Believe By Security Experts To Be The Greatest And Less Understood Of All Risks All Related To Confidentiality, Availability, And Integrity. This Paper Will Introduced Website Attack And Also How To Detect And Prevent From The Attacks. Attacks Covered Are SQL Injection (SQLI), Cross Site Scripting (CSS), Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), Broken Access Control.

Keywords:Website attacks, Security, Sql injection, XSS, CSRF, Vulnerability detection and Web applications

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