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Background of the Study

Of all types of mass communication available in the world today, the new media has proven to be very influential on the lives of various consumers, and in tremendous ways. From local business and international trade to communication and interactivity, the new media breaks barriers, making boundaries and distance, space and timeless significant. It is no longer news that the media is powerful, yet the emergence of the new media with its tremendous features makes the power of the media overwhelming. The new media comprises of digital devices that have characteristics that can be manipulated networkable and interactive. It gives the possibility of demand access to information / data of any kind, anywhere, anytime, on any device that has internet connectivity, as well as interactive user feedback, creative participation and on line community formation ground any media content. Its features are easily accessible fast, reliable, convenient, classic and confident amongst others hence their being sought by different groups in the society either to develop or sustain a given pattern in buying. It is the effort of the new media to reach people wherever they are, at the right time at a minimal cost.

The internet intertwines with our daily work and personal lives. The proliferation of internet based workplace applications, email, social networking sites and on demand viewing of television shows and videos have literally changed the way we perform our jobs, interact with others, and spend our leisure time. These changes have made speed service a ubiquitous commodity akin to electricity and have given birth to internet business. E-commerce is a burgeoning industry which and 143 billion in 2009. (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 2010). By understanding what sites attract viewers and what categories of items are purchased on line, strategies can be developed to tap into this nascent market. In other words, the new media such as the internet, chartrooms online bloggs social networks (such as face books and twitter), mobile gaming and computing etc have added value to the goods and services being appreciated by stimulating purchase behavior of consumers and expanding sales for product. The “Social network” face book is a world wide phenomenon with over 800 million users (facebook. Com/2011). In addition face was cited as the top domain by average time spent viewing per month at an average of 1 hour and 45 (forty five) minutes of viewing time per month. Tertiary students are universally using the internet, ninety three (93) percent of the students accessed the internet in a given month and Jupiter research expects this market to slowly swell form 15.2 millions in 2003 to 16.4 million in 2007 (Greenspan 2003). For most business the internet pot of gold is the ability to reach potential customers literally anywhere in the world. In addition, students are becoming more supplicated in their purchasing and have move beyond music to banking services, concert tickets, apparel, entertainment, products, cars mortgages and appliances (Lester 2003). While technology adds speed and convenience, it also substantially diminishes personal interaction that reduces customer’s loyalty and sense of relationship with the provider (Newman, 2005). However, internet purchasing continuously to grow because of convenience 24 hours availability, accessing information in a timely manner and quick response time.

In ESUT these days, some students wants to check what their friends are saying on face book or twitter about them, or know who has the hottest pictures on flicks, or the hottest buys on eBay and all other stuffs. More often than not, they can’t really wait till lectures times are over before they log on. This distraction caused, makes such students lose interest in whatever lecture is being held at the time. This is a huge effect on educational standards in school. A student when asked (Name withheld) why she would log online during lecture hours, said she loves to be aware of whatever is happening on face book, update her account at each time, upload pictures for her friends to see what she is putting on at the moment and also chat with friends online. Most young people are usually influenced to buy whatever they know is in trend, especially young girls. By viewing these on line blogistes and social networking sites, they see what friends, celebrities or models put on and what to be like them. This can greatly influence them and they want to purchase wears like they have seen (no matter the cost of such items) so that they can belong and this can really bring up cases of impulsive buying. On the long-run, many of them end up involving themselves in “dubious” and ‘dirty” acts because they want to meet up. Also, the use of the new media can create an environment where other cultures are adopted and indirectly influenced by other cultures. This brings about remixing of cultures where the mode of dressing, language and others are inhibited by the users. Pornography in the new media is one that has been much debated. Through the new media today, students view an obscene picture and videos, thereby destroying the image of our youngsters and causing negligence of their primary activities as students. These issues and more is shat the study will examine is subsequent chapters.

Statement of the Problem

There are benefits which the new media can offer our society, even in academics or to the students as such. However, what have advantage may as well have disadvantages. Given to this, there are some negative influences which the new media can have on students (Esut undergraduates) that can hamper their main objective of being in the university. Issues under this study include.

Viewing and sharing of indecent pictures and videos through the internet, blogistes, chartroom and social networks by Esut undergraduates.

Impulsive and expensive buying by students due to the popular presence of the new media and the quest to be like their peers.

The distraction caused by the use of the new media by Esut undergraduates especially during lectures period or time scheduled to read or do assignment.

Cultural imperialism which results form remixing of cultures through the new media technologies.

The above issues has posed a lot of worries  to the researcher, hence this study that target at knowing if their perceived dependence on the new media has to a large extent influenced their buying habits. Has it equally increased their buying habits? This study will unravel.

Objectives of the Study

To identify if Esut undergraduates view or share indecent pictures or videos through new media technologies.

To determine if Esut undergraduates buy on impulse or to be like their peers because of what they see in the new media.

To determine if the use of the new media causes distractions on students especially during lecture periods or time scheduled for reading or for assignment.

To determine if cultural imperialism results from the use of the new media by Esut students.

Research Questions

The research questions which this study will investigate are as follows:

Do Esut undergraduates view or share indecent pictures or videos through new media technology?

Do Esut undergraduates buy on impulse or try to be like their peers because of what they see in the new media.

Does the use of the new media cause distractions on students especially during lecture or time scheduled for reading or for assignments?

Does cultural imperialism result from the use of the new media by Esut students?

Research Hypothesis

The research hypothesis involve in this study include the following.

Hi:       The new media have a great influence on the buying habit of Esut undergraduates.

Ho:       The new media did not have any influence on the

            buying habit of Esut undergraduates.
H2:       The new media have serve as an information base and

a distraction agent to the Esut students during lectures and assignments.

Ho:       The new media have not serve as an information base and a distraction agent to the Esut students during lecture and assignment.

H3:       There is a significant relationship between impulsive and expensive buying by students and effect of new media.

Ho:       There is no significant relationship between impulsive and expensive buying by students and effects of new media.

Significance of the Study

The outcome of this research would be beneficial to the government, the media practitioners and academia. To the government, the study will immensely assist her to plan, regulate, develop and control activities of the new media towards advertisers, marketers and consumer’s buying habits. In other words, government could be adequately positioned to optimally expand her resource’s and gain revenue through policies and programmers initiated and executed in relation to new media especially youth’s behaviour towards accepting or rejecting audio-visuals offered by the new media in Nigeria. Similarly, the study will assist government in the administration of tax on the media institutions, advertisers / marketers and consumers of new media services. To media practitioners, this study will make them keep abreast of new developments in their acceptance or otherwise, of the practice in new media by institutions, individuals and agencies.  In this process’s they could adequately advice their clients (Especially Nigeria new media institutions, advertisers / marketers and consumer’s) on the adoption and utilization of new media programs and events. To the academia, this study will form the basis for further studies and sustain an existing knowledge on the subject matter. To the students, this study will enable them manage their buying habits and control their use of new media technologies, knowing that there is time for everything and doing things moderately.

Definitions of Terms

The following concepts are defined as follows for clarity of this study.


Conceptual- The exchange of goods and services

Operational- The act of purchasing goods and services either publicly (in the market) or privately (through the internet)

Mass Media

Conceptual-An organization that provide information and news for the public including television, radio and newspaper.

Operational–Those means through which we receive massages/information electronically at anywhere, anytime and through various devices such as Tv, radio, internet multimedia etc.

3.         New Media

Conceptual – An interaction forms of communication that use the internet including podcasts, RSSfeeds, social networks, text messages, Blogs, wikis etc.

Operational–This is a generational shift in media consumption habit by institutions, marketers/advertisers and the general buying public.

4.         Undergraduates

Conceptual – Students who are doing a university course for a first degree.

Operational – Students who has not yet taken a degree.

5.         Youths

Conceptual – The time of life when one is young; especially the period between child hood and maturity.

Operational–Young girls and boys who have crossed puberty and about to get into adulthood.

1.8 Assumption

            It is assumed that the new media has greatly influence the activities of undergraduates both during lecture period and assignment. It is also assume that the viewing of pornographic pictures and movies by the users (students) through the new media had formed most of their life path.

            Finally it has been assumed that this study when completed will service as a guide to all students who will come across it to know the best way he / she can be able to make a judiciously use of new media and the benefits one can derive from using the new media.

1.9       Scope and Limitations of the Study

            This study is delimited to the influence of the media on buying habits of students of Esut both males and females. The study like similar projects may have to grapple with a number of problems such as place, limited financial resources to carryout the study and non chalant attitudes of some respondents, some of the data needed to carryout the research may not provide the required information.

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