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  • In every society where human beings inhibit, every change is possible and this is possible only when it affects the advancement to the perfect and ideal life. The changes in the moral world of man today suggest the opposite; it seems we are wrongly rationalizing abnormality into normal rejecting noble ordinances of nature and promoting human acts that are immoral. One of the contemporary issues that are finding way into the fabric of our moral life is prostitution which is the act of engaging in sexual acts for hire (Anyam 132).  Every society is against prostitution. It is one of the dangerous trends causing harm and damage to both young and adults (especially girls). This act is scandalous and abnormal to humanity; one of the dangerous trends which are operating carelessly in our society today is the act of prostitution causing harm and damage to young girls or women in general. The act of prostitution is universal throughout all levels of societal organization due to the document recorded concerning it.
  • This act existed longtime ago as far back as during the ancient period and prostitution is practice up till date. Most young girls are into prostitution because of the interest ladies practicing get, others join to test and see how it is, some youth join out of ignorant others  for pleasure. Been as it is, morality is the key principle needed for this to be eradicated because at times this act begins at home where parents fail to train their children morally, and also to check if this act can be put to stop since it has no good reputation on personalities practicing it and also ruin the integrity of a nation, country or state.    
  • Prostitution among young women has laid to death especially beginners, most of them are taking to various places for rituals some are taken out side countries as sex servant or sex traders. Most people practicing this act are infected with STDs such as HIV/AIDS and other diseases, some in the cause of prostituting they commit a lot of abortion which lead to their death or removal of their womb some give birth to bastard whom they don’t know their parents. Prostitutes in Nigeria have no place as their permanent office, they stand on the streets for people to pick them or in small rooms, the places in which prostitutes stand for people to pick them are unsecured, or unprotected, and open places; increasing the level of death among girls and women since no one knows the particular place to which they are been taking to for sex or other things.
  • With all these bad effect prostitution is increasing day by day. It is from this point that most people turn to ask why women go into prostitution? is it because of moral breakdown or lack of job opportunities or mere misbehavior? and what is the effect of prostitution on girls and women? Should we accept the act of prostitution as legally? And what are the effects on contemporary society? It is base on this that we human being do not appreciate the gift of life and body which God has given us for free? It is on this ground that this research work wishes to encourage morality and also examine the effect of prostitution among Nigerian youths.     

The main aim of this study is to examine the effects of prostitution on the people within the people of Benue State.

The following are the objectives;

  • To examine the concept of prostitution
  • To identify and evaluate the cause of prostitution among girls/women of Nigeria
  • To educate the ignorant on how prostitution lead to so many health hazard so as to find other means of been self-employed instead of indulging in prostitution.
  • To investigate the effect of prostitution
  • To propose how the problem of prostitution may be resolved 
  • The significance of this study is to enlighten people on what prostitution is and how it affects the Nigerian contemporary society.
  • This research work is significance as it will throw more light on the factors responsible for the continuous practice of prostitution among people of Benue or Nigeria as a whole.
  • It is hoped that this research work will educate people concerning the dangerous phase of prostitution and will also serve as an academic material or reference to other researchers or student who will wish to undertake similar studies.
  • There are so many illicit practices that people indulge themselves, some of these include armed robbery, smoking, drinking of alcoholic substance etc. but this research work focused on the effect of prostitution among girls/women of the 21st century in Nigerian society, where people who get involved end up been dead or useless. However, references will be drawn from our Nigerian societies Benue State to be precise.
  • The researcher uses expository method to expose the existing knowledge and literature on the topic of discourse, analyzing relevant literature, therefore bringing out relevant information to the study. This is to enable the researcher to have an in depth effectiveness into the study. The researcher made use of both primary and secondary source.  In the primary source, oral interviews are used where appropriate, while the secondary source are from books, encyclopedias, internet, journals, and any other literary work that has relevant information to the topic under study which will be used to get information in this research work. The researcher will make use of existing literature and oral interview including happenings within Nigeria due to the fact that prostitution is an act that is practice within Benue State and Nigeria as a whole.  
  • The work is organized in five chapter, in the first chapter, the general background upon which the is study based is been presented, the second chapter reviews related existing literatures on the topic of discourse, chapter three deals with the causes or factors responsible for prostitution, chapter four looks at the effect of prostitution on the Nigeria contemporary society, chapter five is the summary, conclusion and recommendations of the work.
  • Under this study, the researcher wishes to defined terms which are used in the research work for more clarification. Some of these terms include;

S.T.D: This simply means sexual transmitted disease which includes HIV/AIDS (Acquired immune Deficiency Syndrome)>health.

Abortion: is the removal of the non-viable human being from the mother’s womb by human intervention, whether by killing him before removal from the womb or by exposing him to a certain death outside the womb (Harring Qtd Anyam 157).

Prostitution: Anyam defined prostitution as the act of engaging in sexual acts for hire (132). The New Encyclopedia Britannica defined prostitution as the practice of engaging in an unlawful sexual activity and general with any individual rather than a spouse or friend in exchange for money or other valuables (737). Dagin Sylvester sees prostitution as a human sexual intercourse which carries with commercial appearances and this act is carried out by both male and female (2).

Human Trafficking: Is a trade of humans most commonly for the purpose of force, labour, sexual slavery or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others.


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