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Health promotion is the process of improving the quality of health or level of wellness. In this regard, an individual is helped to literally move up from his/her present health status towards another higher level health status. A descriptive–correlation study design was used. The study was carried out at Ekulu Secondary School, in Enugu East Local Government Area of Enugu State. The population of study comprised of 1,052 (both the staff and pupils) as at February, 2017. Sample size was determined using Taro Yamane formula and sample size of 165 students was obtained and used. The instrument for data collection was a researcher developed questionnaire. Instrument was validated by the researcher’s supervisor and two experts from department of Nursing Sciences Open University of Nigeria, Enugu campus. The instrument was tested on a pilot survey conducted on 20 students attending Holy Rosary College, Uwani in Enugu South Local Government Area, Enugu State. Split half pilot test was carried out. The internal consistency of the instrument was established using Cronbach’s Alpha and reliability coefficient 0.85 was obtained signifying the instrument reliable. The data collected were collated, tallied and converted into raw scores. The analysis was done with the aid of version 21 of Statistical package for Social Sciences (SPSS). The results showed that 231(79.1%) of the students are of the opinion that the need to enhance or improve the health literacy is very significant. The health promotion programme initiative have improved the health of majority 171(58.6%) of the students. 203(69.5%) students reported that the health promoted have impacted on their attitude maximally. 154 (52.7%) of the students agree that school-based health promotion initiative increases wellbeing and decreases truancy in school activities. The researcher inferred that: 1 There is a need to enhance or improve health among the students and to activate health promotion activities in order to enhance school health. 2. Economic status is a major factor influencing the health promotion activities of the students. Based on the findings, the researcher concludes that students seek medical attention only when they are sick. 3 Health promotion programme initiative improves the health literacy of the students and hygiene practice. 4 Students regard the extent to which health promotion impact on their attitude maximally

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