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  • Background to the Study
  • The issue of moral decadence has become a global problem because it attacks the very root of our society and it mostly affects the youths who stand as light and foundation to build our nation in the near future. Our society which should serve as a place for moral formation has become a ground for increasing moral decadence, culture and morals that have been built and held in high esteem suddenly become less values style of life among youths of Gwer Local Government Area and Nigeria at large (Saluun 297).
  • Moral decadence has become a menace in the world today; this can be seen through addictive disorderliness. In Nigeria today especially among the people of Gwer-West Local Government Area, young people have suffered loss of career, consequence of which is the aggravating societal ills such as theft, rape, mental problem, this often leads to death. Moral decadence among youths has a direct negative impact on the family and society at large. As a result, youths are not committed to their basic duties and perform poorly in their responsibilities and often in school.
  • In Gwer-West Local Government, It has become a thing of pride for youths to engage in competitive moral decadence or immoral acts. This has caused more harm than good to the society. It has led many of individuals into cultism, broken marriages and many other social vices that have remained problematic within Gwer-West Local Government Area of Benue State.
  • The level of decay in the morality of youth in Gwer-West has become so alarming. This has in turn threatened the security and developmental level of the area, because the youth can no longer be trusted with responsibilities. 
  •  Statement of the Problem
  • Moral decadence among youths is at an alarming rate, moral decadence leads to social vices such as cultism, prostitution, thuggery examination malpractice in schools, indecent dressing and threatening the peace and security of the large society. It is in view of these that the study sets to remind parents, guidance, teachers and different religious bodies found in Gwer-West of their responsibilities of inculcating the right values, customs and practices and also remind youths of their responsibilities to their parent and the society at large. The research will also advance different ways or measures through which youth in the society and especially that of Gwer-West Local Government will adapt to enable maintenance of good morals and behaviours in the society. Does the decay of morals in the society contribute positively to the society?     
  • Aim and Objectives
  • The study examines moral decadence among the youths in Gwer-West Local Government Area and its effects. The objectives are:
  • To investigate the causative factors of immorality or moral decadence among youths of Gwer-West Local Government Area.
  • To determine the degree of destruction this has on the society.
  • To highlight the dangers involved with moral decadence or immorality.
  • To unveil the moral decadence problems associated with religion in Gwer-West Local Government Area of Benue State.
  • To proffer possible solutions on the issue of moral decadence in Gwer-West Local Government Area.
  • Methodology
  • The researcher adopts the descriptive method of approach in understaning this study. To this end the research will describe moral decadence among youths . The data for this research will be derived from both primary sources which is personal oral interviews and secondary sources which are articles, journals, newspapers, magazines and books.
  • Significance of the Study
  • The study is significant because it examines moral decadence among youths and bring to limelight on the factors that causes moral decadence, also the findings of this research study will serve as a source of information to students,  academia, administrators, consultants and other wishing to embrace on similar studies on moral decadence. 
  • Scope and Limitations of the Study
  • The research work covers exhaustibly the people of Gwer-West Local Government Area and specifically the youths of ucha council ward.
  • Some limitations were encountered in the course of this research ranging from finance and some scholarly work which could have added vigor to this work.
  • Organization of Chapters  
  • The work is divided into five chapters, chapter one is general introduction and it has the following sections general background to the study, statement of the problem, methodology, aim and objectives, scope and limitations, organizational layout and definition of terms. Chapter two which is the review of related literature  consist of the concept of morality, the concept decadence, the role of youths and moral decadence, the duties of children towards parents, the basic principles of morality. Chapter three treats the decline of morality among youths in the 21st century and morality as moral issues among youths of Gwer-West Local Government, the cause of moral decadence among youths and the effects of moral decadence on youths. Chapter four discusses remedies to moral decadence among youths of Gwer-West. Chapter five is the summary recommendations and conclusion.  
  • Definition of Terms
  • Moral: The adjective moral is synonymous with ‘good’ or ‘right’. morality according to Apenda is derived from a Latin word ‘Moralitas’ which means habit, manner, custom, character, proper or standard of human behaviour and way of life. The word is a kin to the Greek ethos which means character (4).

: The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines decadence as behaviour, attitudes, which show a fall in standards especially moral ones, and an interest in pleasure and enjoyment rather than more serious things (377).

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