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Intelligent agents are one of the rapidly developing areas of research. They find a wide range of applications. These agents can be defined in a number of ways depending on their application; in general they may be defined as, “An agent is a software thing that knows how to do things that we could probably do ourselves if we had the time.” Agent programs differ from regular software mainly by what can best be described as a sense of themselves as independent entities. An ideal agent knows what its goal is and will strive to achieve it. An agent is supposed to be robust and adaptive, capable of learning from experience and responding to unforeseen situations with a repertoire of different methods. It is supposed to be autonomous so that it can sense the current state of its environment and act independently to make progress toward its goal. Intelligent agents in artificial intelligence are closely related to agents in economics, and versions of the intelligent agent paradigm are studied in cognitive science, ethics, the philosophy of practical reason, as well as in many interdisciplinarysocio-cognitivemodeling and computer social simulations.

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