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Project topic for Peace Studies department.


The changing nature of violent conflict has increasingly put people at the center of world affairs. As a result, the safety of the individual, also referred to as Human Security has become a new measure of global security. A growing number of armed conflicts are being fought within countries despite the numerous actions taken to protect the territorial integrity and political sovereignty of countries from external aggression thereby revealing the disturbing fact that national security is insufficient to guarantee human security. These warring factions within the country are often irregular forces with loose chains of command, frequently divided along ethnic or religious lines. As a result, civilians have been thrust into the epicenter of contemporary war which has in turn, given rise to an alarming number of internally displaced people. This paper seeks to examine the rising cases of IDPs in North East Nigeria and to reveal the numerous security challenges bedeviling them as well as the steps the Government have taken so far in their responsibilities of reintegrating the IDPs into the society. Data collected through documentaries, conference materials and reliable news sources reveal the disturbing increase in the population of IDPs in North East Nigeria, the insecurities that they face and the attempts made by Humanitarian and Government agencies to cushion the untold hardship that the IDPs face. The writer went ahead to recommend that the Government tackle the root causes of IDP situations by ensuring equality and justice and enforcing law and order in the country within the confines of the constitution to avoid frequent uprisings leading to armed conflict and subsequently, Internally Displaced People.

Also, the researcher further recommends routine trainings of the security personnel in the country as well as the need for them to be properly and efficiently equipped in order to be alert and ready to serve and protect at all times. 

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