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Project topic for Mass Communication department.


This is an empirical study on Facility problem in media organizations in Nigeria using ESBS Enugu as a study. Diffusion of innovation theory was used to frame this study. Two research hypotheses were formulated and tested using Chi-square statistical formula. The survey research method was adopted for the study with the questionnaire as the instrument of data collection. A Total number of 153 copies of questionnaire were distributed and same was collected. The returned copies were analyzed using the simple percentage and statistical analytical table. The findings showed that Facility challenges facing ESBS Enugu in dissemination of information can be examined. Facility challenges facing ESBS affects its dissemination of information.  Facility challenges in ESBS Enugu affect the media establishment in its information dissemination. And that government’s inadequate subventions and corruption in the system has contributed to a large extent to the delay of facility upgrade in ESBS Enugu. Based on the findings of the study, the following recommendations were made: the government should call it a duty to give adequate subventions to the public media establishments to enable them procure the technological advanced equipment for information dissemination.  The government or media owners should be aware of the shift in the technological paradigm and follow suit in staff training to meet with the challenges of improved technology. The media organizations should be given autonomy to operate including financial independence to enable them run the organization and meet the prescription of the ever growing society.  

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