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The reason why most organization achieve remarkable success in their operatives is not only because they operate in good environment or because they are capable of competing favorably with other organizations, but mostly because their management (or those at the helm of affairs) in such organization appreciate the important of human elements (employees) who work in the organizations and consequently provide them with the goodies that make their worth enjoying. They appreciate the fact that no organization can perform efficiently and effectively if the human element are not adequately taken care off. The provision of those incentives that ginger workers to work in organization has helped organizations to create enabling environment for higher productivity among the work forces.

      Koontz (1992:1) noted that because managing involves the creation and maintenance of an environment for the performance of individuals working together in groups towards the accomplishment of common objectives is obvious that manager can not do this job without knowing what motivates people.

      Koontz, explained further that the necessity of building motivating factors into organizational roles, the staffing of those roles and the entire process of directing and leading people must be built on knowledge of motivation. He also added that to emphasize the important of knowing and taking advantage of motivating factors is not to cast managers in the role of amateur psychiatrists and their job is not to attempt to manipulated people rather to recognize motivating factors in designing an environment for performance.

    Consequently, it is through adequate motivation of employees that organizations enjoy increased productivity.

      According to Chruden and Sherman (1984:12) motivation is a general term applying to the entire class of drives, desires, needs, wishes and similar forces. Likewise, to say that managers motivates their subordinates is to say that they do those things which they hope will satisfy these drives and desires and induce the subordinates to act in a desired manner. It is only when these things are provided to employee that their output level increases.

      Meanwhile, members of the Nigeria police share the dream of securing a better place in course of their job, though they have been consistency accused of poor performance. However, the question still remains- to what extent has a public organization such as the Nigeria police motivated  its workers, and how far has this motivation been able to impact on the productivity level in the organization. It is in response to these that this study examined the issue. Effect of while motivation on law enforcement  personnel in Nigeria, with special references to the Nigeria police, force, Ebonyi state police command.


In the contemporary times, it has become obvious that while some of our organizations enjoy increased productivity and efficiency in their work-force, other still experience inefficiency and low productivity among their employees.

In Nigeria today, while some public organizations are able to motivate their employees to the extent that they enjoy higher productivity from those employees, other still fail to realized their need and advantages inherent in motivating their employees. According to Nwankwo (1982: 4) the problem is that those at the helm, of affairs (i.e. the management) in these public organizations sometimes consider the motivation of workers as a colossal waste of resources  and this often result in  low productivity.

      The crucial question therefore is to what extent do those at the helm of affairs in the Nigeria police force motivate the policemen? And how far or to what extent has motivation helped to impact on the productivity level of policeman?. It is in response to these crucial problems that informed the study on the subject matter effect of motivation on law enforcement personnel in Nigeria.


             The main purpose of these studies:-

To append the performance status of law enforcement personnel in Nigeria.

To investigate the organizational structure with a view of determining or dictating the conduciveness of the prevailing conditions to the police forces.

To examine the performance status between relationship motivational tools on the ground.

To evaluate the job attitude of the members and to make appropriate recommendations capable of improving their job attitude.


There are many theories of motivation as there are psychologists and other social analysis.

We shall draw our attention to the modern organization theory. A psychological and sociological study Etzioni maintained that organization theory is the study of the structure and functioning of  organizational and the behaviour of groups and individual within, the structure of organizational that is their anatomy related to the relatively organizational chart, the hierarchy of authority, its rules, procedures, its principal activities, its technology and its operating policies. On the other hand organization has a way of functioning that is, their physiological are more unpredictable and fluid. For example, the events that culminate in decisions, the interpersonal relations tied to the input process and output cycle, the organizational conflicts and polities, the process by which organizational change, innovation or die.

      Organization theory is interested not only in the structure and functioning of organization but also on how these (structure and functioning) are influenced by other environment factors.

      Consequently, the ability of an organization to keep itself above waters, depends to an extent on the management, and relationship between them and the workers that work in the entire units in the organization. This is why it is believed that organization theorist are interested and worried about the behaviour of the individuals within an organizations and how employees behaviour is influenced by the way organization are set up to functions.

      This theory is relevant for this study because the way individual employee behave and productivity level to be attained by them in an organizational depends so much on how they are motivated by the management. Therefore providing the incentives that influences workers to work shows the understanding of their management about the concept of organization theory. Consequently for a public organization such as the Nigeria police force to motivate its employee adequately and influences their productivity level in the organizational theory is something that can not be avoided.


What are the source of equipments and law enforcement infrastructure used in our organization?

What measures is the organization adopting to avoid members reaction on low level of motivation?

What type of motivational factors is used in the force?

What are the most popular basis for promotion and advancement in the force?

How did the members react to low level of motivation in the force?


             This study would be of immense benefits to the government and the management of public organization especially the Nigeria police who are indifference to the plight of the workers. Since the study through the recommendations provided solutions and suggestions through which police officers could be gingered for greater performance

            The owners of private organizations would benefit from this study because those of them who would be in the position to lay hands on this research report have to learn more on the concept of motivation of workers and consequently, it will provide them with the basic knowledge on the impact of motivation on the workers.

            A major significance of the study is that it will serve as another contribution to the academic development of the theories  of motivation, and for this reason would be of immense benefit to follow student  researcher, especially those who may wish to research further on the subject matter in the future.  


             According to Osuala (1985:45) “an adequate statement of the problem also defines it very carefully in terms of its scopes and it is obvious for a researcher to set forth the bounds of the topic being researcher on.

            Based on this, the scope of this study covered the effect of motivation on law enforcement, personnel Ebonyi state.


             A study of this nature cannot be completed successfully without the researcher encountering some major constraints or limitations. One of the major limitations of the study was in adequate time. The time stipulated for the study was not enough for the researcher to carry out an exhaustive research on the subject matter and to do justice to other academic engagements.

            Another limitation to this study was inadequate fund. It was not only easy to gather sufficient financial resources to move around all the relevant divisional police formations to administer and retrieve the filled questionnaire.

            Moreover, another limitation to this study was the unco-operative attitude of some of the respondents from the command under study especially as it concerned, the completion of the copies of questionnaire administered to them. Some of the respondents were hesitant in supplying the needed information, even. When the researcher explained to them that the study was just an academic exercise.  



             It is all the activities involved in the satisfaction of workers derived, desired, needs wishes and similar force in order to induce them to act in a desired manner towards achieving goals and objectives.

Public sector

             This refers to all government organization which depends on government (Central or regional) for part or all their revenues and who are also accountable to the government. This include the states and federal civil servants, corporation, authorities or commissions, etc. established and funded by the federal and state government                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Police officer

             Means any members of the Nigeria police force.

Superior Police Office (SPO)

             These are officers in the force whose ranks ranges from Assistant superintendent of police (ASP) to inspector general of police (ICP) these comprise  the middle level and top management of the force.

Inspector of police

             There are officers in the intermediate cadre.

Rank and file

             They are the lowest cadre in the force with their rankers ranging from constable to sergeant major.

Job commitment

             It has to do with one’s loyalist, identification investment and pride of the organization one works for.

            It is the binding force on individuals to carry out and adhere to personal characteristics (need achievement) job characteristics (responsibility) and job experienced are factors that are responsible for the degree of commitment of work experience.  

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