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Design And Implementation Of online campus taxi booking system for the National Open University of Nigerian, Enugu Study Centre

Project topic for Computer Science department



1.1       Background of the study

The term taxi strikes in us a public transport thought oriented inclination. Nonetheless, in transportation, a taxi is a type of vehicle for hire with a driver used by a single passenger or small group of passengers often for a non-shared ride. A taxi cab conveys passengers to locations of the choices. As modes of public transport, the pickup and drop off locations are determined by the service provider, and not by the passenger, while demand responsive transport, share responsive transport and share taxis provide a hybrid mode. In Nigeria and other countries today transportation business has become more sophisticated than it was years ago. Hence it requires a more reliable means of customer satisfaction. Transportation is a means of carrying people or goods from one place to another for short periods of time with the beneficiaries paying for the services. Transportation business was developed to solve problems of movement of people and goods from place to place. Thousands of people travel from countries to other countries in search of jobs. They always become anxious of what to use for the migration. In the same vein, students and staff of any organization also need reliable means of transportation to meet targets. Man’s quest for solving this problem has resulted in development of business machines, cars, Lorries etc. In an academic setting campus taxi system shuttle has been thought of as an efficient transportation means for conveying students and staff to and fro the school and their homes in order to boost its efficiency and flexibility, online booking system is introduced. This is a system where by students/staff are allowed to order for a reservation of seats online for later pickup time, hence, ensuring high efficiency in the services campus taxis/shuttles render. In this research the researcher will design and implement an online campus booking taxi system which, when put into use, would be an added advantage to the effective use and maintenance of the transportation services at National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), Enugu Study Centre.

1.2       Statement of Problem

Campus taxi system has been a fast and efficient means of conveying students and staff at the National Open University of Nigeria, Enugu Study Centre. It was adopted to solve the problem of time and delay often encountered with the public transport system. However, its usage has resulted to limited satisfaction by the customers due to poor manually service booking structure being used.

The introduction of the online campus taxi booking system is believed to enhance the efficiency in the usage of the campus taxis as it would solve the problems of time, disorderliness and delay being experienced in the system.

1.3       Motivation

It is very necessary that the online campus taxi booking system for the National Open University of Nigerian, Enugu Study Centre is established because many students encounter challenges in meeting up with their examination times and other activities in the school. Even the staff sometimes fail to meet up with their various scheduled activities in the school as a result of delay or setbacks with either the public transport or the inefficiency in the manual booking oriented structure of the campus taxi system.

Thus, the researcher is motivated into embarking on the study with the intention of proffering a solutions to the identified problems.

1.4       Aims and Objectives

The objective of the project work is to develop on online campus taxi booking system which will help to improve the efficiency of transportation services being rendered to students and staff of National Open University of Nigeria, Enugu Study Centre.

In the work, I aim at designing and implementing an on-line ticketing and seat reservation system.

1.5       Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the research work is to design an online campus taxi booking system with E-ticketing platform that will allow the students and the staff to order for reservation of seats or a cab. This would serve as a modern approach to campus transport system, and it will enhance the efficiency of transportation services available at National Open University of Nigeria, Enugu Study Centre. The research would solve the problem of delay caused by the manual method of campus taxi booking and the poor transportation services rendered to the students.

1.6       Significance of the study

The research work is very important because it is an approach to technological innovation and development, hence knowledge oriented. It will introduce the use of computers and other internet gadgets in the transportation service system at National Open University of Nigeria, Enugu Study Centre, hence creating room for skill acquisition through suitable training of the workers.

This would widen their knowledge on the effective usage of computer systems in data processing.

Nonetheless, the research work will not only be useful but will positively influence the structure of the campus transport system by upgrading it to electronic campus transport system. Thus a faster method of data processing will be achieved, issuing of tickets will be done online with ease and the service can be enjoyed at any time no matter one’s location this world enhance reasonable turn-over trips for the campus taxis/shuttles, and on the other hand, boost the daily income being generated by the campus transport system.

Also, the study is seen as a vital one as the students/staff will always either order for seat reservation or cancel an already ordered seats online without being charged to pay any fee.

1.7       Definition of Terms

i.          Browser: It is a program that allows user to access documents on the World Wide Web (www).

ii.         E-Ticket: The e-ticket (or electronic ticket) is used to represent the purchase of a seat for a passenger through a website. This form of ticketing is rapidly replacing the old paper tickets.

iii.        Taxi Booking: This involves reservation of a cab for later pick up time by a client.

iv.        Online: This is when something is controlled and connected to the internet.

v.         Reservation: This means arranging seats, tickets to be kept for the use of a particular person.

vi.        Transportation: It is the means of travelling from one place to another.

vii.       Server: This is a program or a computer that responds to request from other program and delivers the requested documents. It can also be defined as a central computer that supervises the control of the network activities of other computers on a network.

viii.      Webpage: This is an individual page on the internet. Every time you click on a link you are taken to a new web page.

ix.        Website: It is a collection of related files, this term describes a particular company’s users, or organization’s web pages served up by a web server. 

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