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Project topic for Computer Science department


Hair Cafe as a business organisation has faced lots of challenges even on their mode of advertisements and how to publicise their goods and services to the world outside the locality of the Nguru Nsukka where the Hair Cafe is situated. However, only a few people outside Nguru Nsukka know about Hair Cafe. This design tackles the previous problem by introducting of a web based Hair Cafe which has certain properties like; the location of Hair Cafe, advanced organizational struscture, online booking, advertisements and promotions, mode of payment and so on. ©2019 HAIR CAFE's Barber Shop All rights reserved. Keywords: Hair Cafe, web-based, Online Booking, writing codes, advertisements and promotions, challenges, mode of payment.



1.1       Background of the Study

            Hair Cafe is one of the prosperouse and leading barbing salon in Nguru Nsukka. Hair Cafe started operation in the year 2000 with the name “Nestor Barbing Salon”, sponsored and managed by Ugwu Chijioke from Nguru Nsukka.

            The barbing salon does not involve so much in promotional activities, the only visible promotion is mounting of signboard which is a mere recognition of the location of the business premises. But with the proliferation of barbing salons in Nguru Nsukka there is the need to design a website for the advertisement and promotional strategies used by the company in facing competition in the industry, which is becoming keener every day. Many actouner and producers of goods and services are now aware that promotion does not only inform and persuade, but can strive towards profit making through increased sales.

            It is because of importance of the adverts that I decided to build a website for advertisement using Hair Cafe as a case study.

1.2       Statements of the Problem

Advertisement of hair cafe in Nigeria is usually done using sign posts, bill boards and print media. This form of advertisement maintains a limited coverages. Hence, it is tasking to reach a wider view of hair cafe customers accross different localities. Therefore, these form of hair cafe advertisements mentioned above are associated with the following problems.

Inadequate costumers for services are often given by workers, as major causes of their failure.

Insufficient workers/barbers to attend to patronizers when needed.

Many times, barbing salons are very sure/optimistic about sales (patronage) they concern the wrong notion that their goods will sell themselves, forgetting that even the best product, services still need to be stimulated in order to move out of the stores.

Lack of qualified barbers; for instance, no one would like to go back to the barbers shop that doesn’t satisfy him or her.

High price affect Hair Cafe because they charge higher than most of the barbers shop around their vicinity/location.

1.3       Motivation

The English dictionary defined Motivation as “An incentive or reason for doing something”; so with respect to the dictionary meaning, I was motivated by the interest I have in trying to advertise and promote Hair Cafe so that the whole world if possible would know about the services of Hair Cafe.

            Therefore, with the knowledge I've gotten about Website Design, I decided to use it as a medium of advertisement and make the internet users and whole world know that there is a Barbing Salon called Hair Cafe at Number 2A Amagu Road, Nguru Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.

1.4       Aims and Objectives of the Study

The aim of this project is to design and develop an web site for hair cafe advertisement. To achieve the aim, the following objectives must be met.

Determine the extent to which barbing salon owners in Nguru Nsukka are aware of promo tools.

Determine the impact of direct marketing on customer patronage at Hair Cafe in Nguru Nsukka.

Appraise the promotional strategies adopted by Top Class Barbing Salon in Enugu Metropolis in increase profitability.

1.5       Significance of the Study

Having a Hair Cafe website enhances the following:

Effective communication for management, workers, customers, and intending patronizers.

Provision of advertisement resources in form of online/electronic articles where people can access them and information passed to appropriate quarters.

Effective dissemination of news and upcoming events of the Hair Cafe like promo and discounts.

Improved services, teaching and learning style.

The study will equally help Hair Cafe to better their operations in Nguru Nsukka.

Consumers who patronize Hair Cafe will be better informed and educated not only on product sold but on their services.

Above all the study will benefit the researcher as it will provide the researcher with an in-depth knowledge and understanding in the area which could stir up further study.

1.6       Scope of the Study

            The study which involves web design for Hair Cafe took an in-depth look at advertisement and promotional strategies applied by the barbing salon. Again, This study is limited to Hair Cafe barbers' shop in No 2A Amagu Road, Nguru Nsukka.

1.7       Definition of Terms

Internet:         it is the computer network which allows computer users to connect to computers all over the world, also carries e-mail.

Head Warmer:           An Equipment in the barbers' shop used for warming towels that would used during hair cutting services.

Barbers' Shop:           A place(room/hall) where people go to get their hairs cut.

Clipper:  An equipment in the barbers' shop used to cut the hair.

Design:            It is a detailed plan or arrangement to achieve a particular purpose.

Sterilizer:        Equipment used to sterilize and treat other Hair Cutting equipments.

DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Mark-up Language):        It is a combination of HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript and Macromedia Flash Mx used to create animated and interactive websites.

HTML:           Hypertext Mark-up Language is a client-side scripting language for Website design.

PHP(Archaic: Personal Home page) Hypertext Preprocessor:     These languages work closely with the Web server to interpret the requests made from the World Wide Web, process these requests, interact with other programs on the server to fulfill the requests, and then indicate to the Web server exactly what to serve to the client’s browser.

Database:       A collection of data neatly organized which stores the operational records.

CSS(Cascading Style Sheet):            A client-side scripting language, used in styling the web-pages for a greater user-experience.

ASP(Active Server Pages):   A server-side scripting language like the PHP. These languages work closely with the Web server to interpret the requests made from the World Wide Web, process these requests, interact with other programs on the server to fulfill the requests, and then indicate to the Web server exactly what to serve to the client’s browser.

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