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Design And Implementation Of A Web Based Degree Result Processing System

Project topic for Computer Science department



1.1       Background of the Study

The lapses associated with the existing manual method of processing student’s results in most universities in Nigeria, including National Open University of Nigeria, make it not only desirable but imperative that computerized approach be used to the full in measuring students’ progress. Ukem, (2011). The manual methods being employed suffer a number of set-backs. They make the process to be time consuming and prone to error. They lead to degree results being released late, sometimes with wrong grades being entered and students’ grade point averages being wrongly computed as a result, and ultimately leading to wrong conclusions being arrived at on class of degree awarded. Some students could end up with undeserved good class of degree, while others could be unfairly victimized, bringing about frustration and bad blood. The reputation of the Departments concerned, and the whole University, could be tarnished. The problem, therefore, that arises is to find a method of processing degree results that would be sufficiently accurate and timely. The software application in this work is intended to bring relieve by providing for timely and accurate processing of students degree results using the processing power of the computer.

The effort expended in the process of registration of students and computation of their degree results is awesome. Quite worrisome is the fact that these processes are carried out every academic session, putting the operators in a continuous and ever demanding cycle. The computation of degree results and registration of students is obviously an object-centered activity, the student being the dominant object in this case. Hence, the need to evolve a computerized process that would effectively and efficiently capture all the important data associated with the registration, examination and degree result processing within the University.

Students’ degree result is the summary of each of the semester or four years performance in a degree program for Bachelor Degree to be terminable. The student forwards an application to Head, Examination Records Units for Processing. A computer is Required at the early stage of the result processing.

1.2       Statement of the Problem

There has been this problem of too much work for the Head, Examination Records owing to the increase of students in the institution. At times sorting out a particular student file takes time. This bitter complaint and the delay in the preparation of this student’s degree result has been the major concern of this unit. A good software system would go a long way in tackling these problems and at the same time to quicken the processing of student’s result.

1.3       Motivation

This project is an interest in taking up a challenging work in this particular area of research to test one’s confidence.

1.4       Aims and Objectives

This study aims at the design and implementation of degree result processing system. The specific objectives are.

  • To design degree result processing system
  • To implement degree result processing system

1.5       Significance of the Study

This work will help in a good number of ways to ease the delay in manual result processing. The software developed will help schools management to achieve efficient information management system.

1.6       Project Report Organization

This study titled “Design and implementation of degree result processing system (A case study of National Open University of Nigeria)” is composed of multiple chapters as follows: Chapter One which is the introduction. Chapter Two has the literature review. Chapter Three: Research methodology. Chapter Four: Implementation and evaluation. Chapter Five is the discussion and conclusion.

1.7       Definition of Terms

The following are some terms commonly used in this project.

Data: Raw facts.

Input: is the term denoting either an entrance which are inserted into a system. These are hardware that helps to send data in form of input to the computer.

Process: This is the management of transformation of data into useful information.

Students Result: An official report of student’s work that show the courses they have taken and the marks/grades they have achieved.

Design: The art or process of deciding how something will look or works etc.

Documentation: material that provides official information or evidence or that serves as record; written specifications and information that describes the product.

System:A set of computer components i.e. in assembly of computer hardware, software and peripherals functioning together.

Database:A systematically arranged collection of data, designed so that it can be automatically retrieved or manipulated easily by authorized users.

Database Servers: Database servers are computers that hold the actual databases and run only the DBMS and related software.

Password:This is a secret code that a user must type into a computer to enable He/She access its applications. This is made up of numbers, letters, characters or contribution of any of the above categories.

PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor (the name is a recursive acronym) This is a programming language known as a server-side scripting language. It was used in the developing of this software.

Query language:A database query language and report writer allows user to interactively interrogate the database, analyze its data and update it according to the user’s privileges on data. It also controls the security of the database.

Software:A software is a collection of written programs which directs the computer on what to do.

Querying: Querying is the process of requesting attribute information from various perspectives and combinations of factors.

Modules: This is an independent/self-contained program.

SQL: Structured Query Language, it is a code used to query or insert records in a database.

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