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Design And Implementation Of A Mobile Crime Tracking Information System

Project topic for Computer Science department.


This project describes a mobile crime tracking information system which is aimed at the development of a central crime database to be accessed on mobile phones, tablet computers and in-car computers by the Nigeria police and other authorized users which is maintained by an administrator at the zonal police stations and headquarters. The mobile crime tracking information system is designed to aid the capturing and retrieval of crime, suspect and complaint data; this is achieved by developing a web based system that is connected to a central crime database where all information regarding various levels of crime as defined by law is stored and curated. The web based interface is responsive thereby making it possible to fit with most smartphone like Samsung mobile and Google nexus.The mobile crime tracking information system is deployed as a web application written in HTML5, CSS3, UI-KIT framework and PHP programming language, using AMP stack and Jetbrainsphp-storm development tools. This results to easy access of information to the police officers on ground, coupled with fast communication and transfer of information among the Nigerian police force. It offers efficient solution to robbery, kidnap and terrorism cases in Nigeria. This achieves the ability to capture criminal records on the Google internet, retrieve crime records and lodge complaints

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