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Mass Communication:
  1. Role Of Media In Curtailing The Spread Of Misinformation Concerning Coronavirus (covid-19) In Nigeria
  2. Influence Of Online Advertising On The Purchase Behaviour Of Fct, Abuja Consumers.
  3. Assessment Of The Influence Of Broadcast Media Campaigns On Drug Abuse Among Teenagers In Enugu Metropolis
  4. Audience Perception Of Newspaper Reviews On Television; A Case Study Of Nigeria Television Authority (nta) Makurdi, Benue State.
  5. Effect Of Internet On The Academic Performance Of Undergraduate Students In National Open University Of Nigeria, Enugu Study Center
  6. Influence Of Information And Communication Technology{ict} To Broadcasting In Nigeria. (a Study Of Enugu State Broadcasting Service{esbs} And Nigeria Television Authorty{nta} Enugu State)
  7. Television And Social Construction Of Reality In The Fashion Industry In Enugu Metropolis
  8. Role Of Broadcast Media In Educational Development In Nigeria: A Study Of Nta Enugu State
  9. Facility Problem In Media Organizations In Nigeria (a Study Esbs Enugu)
  10. Press Coverage Of Environmental Pollution In The Niger Delta . A Content Analysis Of The Guardian , Vanguard , Daily Sun And Thisday Newspapers
  11. Coverage Of Foreign News By Nigerian Newspapers (a Study Of Some Selected Newspapaers)
  12. An Evaluation Study Of The Impact Of Ict In Broadcasting Station In Nigeria With A Perticular Refrence To Nta Enugu.
  13. Impact Of Internet In Nigeria Society (a Study Enugu South Metropolis)
  14. Drama As A Mirror Of The Society A Study Of Nwabuzeˈs A Parliament Of Vultures And Igiligiˈs War Without End
  15. Influence Of Social Media On Modern Journalism Practice (a Study Of Journalists In Enugu Metroplois)