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  1. An Appraisal Of The Nigerian Child’s Right Against Human Trafficking
  2. The Approach Of Nigerian Courts In The Use Of Equitable Remedies For Breach Of Contract
  3. Women’s Right To Inheritance In Nigeria
  4. Rights Of Patients Under The Nigerian Legal Framework
  5. The Scope, Duties And Liability Of Medical Negligence For Practitioners In Nigeria
  6. An Appraisal Of The Impact Of The Validity Test On Customary Practices: A Case Study Of Tiv Customs
  7. An Analysis Of Provocation As A Defence To Criminal Liability In Nigeria
  8. Asylum And Extradition Under International Law: An Analysis
  9. An Apprasial Of The Doctrine Of Self Defence Under International Law
  10. An Appraisal Of The Right To Human Dignity And The State Of Prisons In Nigeria
  11. The Concept Of Separation Of Powers And Its Impact On National Development
  12. An Appraisal Of The Remedies For Victims Of Crime Under The Administration Of Criminal Justice Act 2015
  13. An Analysis Of The Doctrine Of Notice In The Determination Of Equitable Rights
  14. An Examination Of The Legal Framework For The Settlement Of Trade Disputes In Nigeria
  15. An Appraisal Of The Enforcement Of Human Rights Under The Fundamental Right (enforcement Procedure) Rules 2009 In Nigeria.
  16. An Examination Of The Application Of The Doctrine Of Separation Of Powers In Nigeria
  17. An Overview Of The Role Of The Legislature In Impeachment Proceedings Under The Constitution Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria 1999 (as Amended)
  18. Consumer Protection And Telecoommunications Services In Nigeria
  19. Analysis Of The Doctrine Of Privity Of Contract And The Right Confered On The Third Parties
  20. An Examination Of Legislative Framework For Combating Money Laundering In Nigeria