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How to get Project/Seminar Materials

Post by: Admin   Category: How to   Date: 12-Oct-2019

Most people who use our suggestions box still ask how to obtain Project or Seminar materials. 

Please be aware that these categories of materials (project & seminar) are not offered for free. They are strictly research materials and should be used as such.

Each material cost is displayed on our website and instructions on how to pay for them are sent to your email only on request.

How to get any Project or Seminar material:
- Go to either of the pages for Project or Seminar.

- Select your department from the drop-down menu.

- Click on the topic you want to get and read through the write up, if interested in getting the full material scroll down to the end of the write up and click "Download Here". 

- On the next page, information about the material is displayed including the cost. You would be required to provide your full name, email and phone number.

- Instructions on how to pay for the material would be sent to your email address provided, after payment, the material is sent to you via same email address.

Please only fill the form if you are interested in purchasing the material.

Thanks and Good luck.

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By YAHAYA IBRAHIM MUHAMMAD 25-Nov-2019   02:40pm
By Vershima Benjamin 08-Jan-2020   09:30pm
please i need this project topic effect of communication channel on organizational productivity
By Abdulazeez Abdulsamad Kehinde 25-Nov-2020   03:04pm

Bro please did u have anyone who is studying criminology and security studies

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