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How to download Past Questions

Post by: Admin   Category: How to   Date: 11-Oct-2019

Given the amount of requests we have received, this post has been prepared for all users who find it difficult to download past questions.

To download past questions follow the following procedures:

By Search:
Visit the past question page and enter the course code or the course title of the material in the search box and hit search icon.
Example: Enter "CIT309", to search for course code. Note that you should not include space in the course code.

By Department/Faculty:
Visit the past question page, scroll down to the "Choose by department" or the "Choose by faculty" section and click on a department/faculty, all available past questions for that department/faculty would be listed.

Once you locate your material and click on it, you would be taken to the download page for that material, Click on "Download" button to download your material.

Thanks and Good luck.

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By Adam zakar 15-Oct-2019   05:26pm
I have done it but still desame
By Admin 17-Oct-2019   03:04pm

Please state the exact difficulty you are experiencing.

By Oluwasegun Tolulope Femi 19-Oct-2019   12:01pm
No past questions found in your past questions portal.... Please help me with all political science 400l
By Admin 20-Oct-2019   06:07pm

Please search through the site and download past questions for political science. Or locate "Political Science" on the past questions page.

By Folashade I Alabi 19-Oct-2019   07:31pm
Can't download past questions o, it displayed though but the link isn't working.
By Admin 20-Oct-2019   06:10pm

Please, you should be able to download any past question if you follow the details stated above accordingly.

By Ejoh Vincent Mayim 20-Oct-2019   12:42pm
How about past questions for e exam?
By Admin 20-Oct-2019   06:12pm

Sorry only POP past questions are available.

By Akinde Anuoluwapo 21-Oct-2019   12:09pm
Have tried it, but it is not downloading
By Admin 23-Oct-2019   04:35pm

Could you explain your exact difficulty?

By Olosho femi 22-Oct-2019   12:03pm
Admin, this prevailing complain of not been able to download past question is same with me. Please, help out.
By Zacchaeus Abiodun Oluwafemi 22-Oct-2019   02:08pm

Please do not put space in between the course title and the figures that follows. For instant, JLS111 NOT JLS 111.

By Zacchaeus Abiodun Oluwafemi 22-Oct-2019   02:16pm
Honourable Admin., permission please. To those of you finding it difficult to download any material, simply do not put space in between the course title and the figures that follows. For instant, MAC341 NOT MAC 341. Its just simple.
By Admin 23-Oct-2019   04:30pm

Please, feel free to assist whenever you can, we'd always appreciate your help. Thank you.

By Zacchaeus Abiodun Oluwafemi 22-Oct-2019   02:18pm
Please is it possible to get answers to the past questions?
By Admin 23-Oct-2019   04:31pm

We are currently working on providing answers to the past questions, we advice your patience. Thank you.

By Abba Esther 25-Oct-2019   10:34am
Pls. Is it possible to get JLS111 past questions or e-learning here?
By Admin 25-Oct-2019   05:48pm

Sorry but only past questions for POP course are available.

By Alabi Morenike Vanessa 27-Oct-2019   11:17am
Cant see any for 200l
By Admin 28-Oct-2019   08:39am

Only past questions for POP courses are available.

By Dada Olajide 28-Oct-2019   04:31pm
Can't find 100 level past questions
By Admin 28-Oct-2019   09:22pm

That is because only past questions for POP courses are available.

By Ayo Akintola 06-Nov-2019   07:20am
E-exam is for 100-200 Level students POP is for 300-800Level students. Please try to know the difference between POP & eExam & stop asking obvious Questions..
By Admin 07-Nov-2019   07:55am

Thank you for stating this. Please for those asking for 100-200 level past questions, this should make you understand better. Thanks again.

By Yahaya 20-May-2021   06:23pm
Please Admit all the pass question will come out for Pop exam? I mean all the questions will come out for exam?
By Admin 23-May-2021   07:58pm

Yes we provide past questions for POP exams, the latest available is the 2020_2 past questions. Thank you.

By Isah Abdullaziz 24-May-2021   07:03am
I have done it but is still the same thing, if it downloaded it Will not open, is saying (can't open) sir
By Admin 29-Jun-2021   09:02am

Please try on a different device. Thank you.

By Isah Abdullaziz 24-May-2021   07:06am
Pls help me out. Because I want to go through it B4 exam sir. Thanks
By Chukwudum precious mmasinachi 29-May-2021   05:56pm
Pls am a fresher management science can I download past questions..thank you.
By Admin 29-Jun-2021   09:02am

We only provide POP past questions, that is 300L and up. Thank you.

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