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Welcome to noudocs, your online directory for past questions and answers, project and seminar topics, daily updates and grade point calculator.

Please, kindly note that this site is not in any way affliated to the NOUN official websites. This site only intend to support the educational pursuit of NOUN students by providing needed services online.

If you want to access the school main website kindly visit the address nouedu.net or to access the school portal the address is nouonline.net.

The Goal: Creating an online database for past questions and answers for all departments, provide an easy user friendly grade point calculator for students.

Terms of Use: Kindly be aware that almost all services on this website are free, all the materials are for research purposes and should not be copied word for word. You will only be charged for service on request for full materials and/or for further guidance. Such charges ensure that this website is kept running.

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