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Computer Science:
  1. Design And Implementation Of Cyber-crime Management System (a Case Study Of Efcc, Enugu)
  2. Data Storage Security On Cloud Computing
  3. Design And Implementation Of An Interactive Online Platform For Siwes Students Supervisors In Noun
  4. Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Financial Management System For Public Institutions
  5. Design And Implementation Of An On Line Identity Card Generation System A Case Study Of National Open University Nigeria (noun)
  6. More

  1. The Impact Of Unemployment On The Nigeria Economy Between 1982 And 2017
  2. The Relationship Between Human Capital Investment Components And Economic Growth In Nigeria For The Period Of 1981 – 2017
  3. The Impact Of Interest Rate And Savings On The Financial Development Evidence Of Some Selected West African Countries.
  4. The Effect Of Interest Rate Spread On Savings, Investment And Private Consumption In Nigeria
  5. Impact Of Agricultural Sector On Economic Growth In Nigeria (1981-2017)
  6. More

Political Science:
  1. Political Corruption And The Nigeria Democratic Dispensation; Interrogating Enugu State Inec 2003 - 2015
  2. Nigeria And The Challenges Of Religious Crisis: The Imperative Of The North – South Dialogue.
  3. The Effect Of Card Readers On Election Credibility In Nigeria (a Case Study Of 2015 Presidential Elections)
  4. The Role Of Local Government In Rural Development (a Study Of Igbo-etiti Local Government Area, Enugu State)
  5. Relationship Between Democratization And Corruption In Nigeria (1999-2016)
  6. More

  1. Effects Of Standard Costing On The Profitability Of A Manufacturing Company
  2. Effects Of Mandatory Adoption Of Ifrs On The Financial Performance Of Deposit Money Banks In Nigeria
  3. The Role Of Accounting In The Control Of Government Expenditure
  4. Firm Attributes And Financial Reporting Quality
  5. More

  1. The Role Of The Principal In Promoting Principals In Teaching And Learning In Selected Secondary Schools In Enugu
  2. Effect Of Pidgin English On Students Competence In Nigerian University. A Study Of 100 Level Students Of Noun, Jos Study Centre
  3. Counselling Strategies For Managing Disciplinary Problems Among Secondary School Students In Enugu State
  4. Effects Of Instructional Materials On The Academic Performance In Secondary School In Nsukka Education Zone, Enugu State, Nigeria
  5. Skills Required By Agricultural Education Students In Cassava Production For Self Reliance In Enugu State University Of Science And Technology In Enugu State
  6. More

Banking And Finance:
  1. Financial Control In A Computerized Accounting System Case Study Of Zenith Bank Plc
  2. Role Of Forensic Accounting In Fraud Management In Nigerian Banks: A Study Of Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc.
  3. More

Business Administration:
  1. Financing Options And Success Of Small Scale Business In Nigeria
  2. The Impact Of Staff Development In Effective Management Of Parastatals (a Case Study Of Enugu Electricity Distribution Company)
  3. The Role Of Budgeting And Budgetary Control In A Business Organization
  4. Working Conditions And Service Delivery Of Civil Servants
  5. The Impact Of Manpower Development In Organizational Productivity (a Case Study Of Mr. Biggs)
  6. More

  1. An Appraisal Of The Impact Of The Validity Test On Customary Practices: A Case Study Of Tiv Customs
  2. An Apprasial Of The Doctrine Of Self Defence Under International Law
  3. Analysis Of The Doctrine Of Privity Of Contract And The Right Confered On The Third Parties
  4. An Analysis Of Customary Law In Relation To Social And Moral Values In Contemporary Nigeria The Case Of Nsukka Town
  5. An Examination Of Legal Framework On Nigeria Sexual Offences Law
  6. More

Mass Communication:
  1. Drama As A Mirror Of The Society A Study Of Nwabuzeˈs A Parliament Of Vultures And Igiligiˈs War Without End
  2. Role Of Broadcast Media In Educational Development In Nigeria: A Study Of Nta Enugu State
  3. An Evaluation Study Of The Impact Of Ict In Broadcasting Station In Nigeria With A Perticular Refrence To Nta Enugu.
  4. Audience Perception Of Newspaper Reviews On Television; A Case Study Of Nigeria Television Authority (nta) Makurdi, Benue State.
  5. Impact Of Internet In Nigeria Society (a Study Enugu South Metropolis)
  6. More

Public Administration:
  1. The Effect Of Sickle Cell Anemia Among Children Age 0-12 Year Attending Comprehensive Health Centre Otukpo, Benue State
  2. The Role Of Local Government In National Development (a Case Study Of Local Government Council In Lagos State)
  3. More

  1. Impact Of Information Communication Technology (ict) On Teaching And Learning In Igbo Eze North Local Government Area (lga) Years 2014-2017
  2. A Feminist Perspective On The Dilemma Of The Girl Child In African Culture
  3. Themes And Style In Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus
  4. The Effect Of Mother Tongue Interference In The Study Of English Language In Secondary Schools In Udi L.g.a
  5. Interference And The Nativisation Of English In Nigeria: A Study Of Hausa Language
  6. More

  1. Studies On Wine Production From Coconut Fruit (cocos Nuciferalin )
  2. The Incidence Of Malaria In Pregnant Women Attending Clinics In Two Hospitals In Enugu Metropolis
  3. The Effects Of Poor Wastes Disposal On The Stream Water Quality In Agbani Urban Area In Nkanu West Lga Of Enugu State
  4. Economic Analysis Of Deforestation In Enugu State Nigeria.
  5. Determining The Activities And Specificity Of Enzymnes In Fermentation Of Starch From Maize.
  6. More

  1. Urbanization And Crime: A Study Of Udi Local Government Area (lga) In Enugu State
  2. Security Challenges And Nigeria Police: A Study Of Enugu State Police Headquaters
  3. Parenting Style As A Predictor Of Self-efficacy Among The Adolescents Children
  4. Victimological Appreciation Of Crimes And Conflict In Nigeria
  5. Effect Of Marital Status On Academic Performance Of Married Female Students In National Open University Of Nigeria Makurdi Study Centre.
  6. More

Nursing Science:
  1. Prevention And Control Of Hiv And Aids: A Case Study Of Tarka Local Government Area Of Benue State
  2. Knowledge And Attitude Of Antenatal Mothers Towards Epidural Analgesia For Labour Pains In University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (unth) Ituku-oza; A, Enugu.
  3. Knwoledge And Practice Of Universal Precaution Among Nurses In University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku-ozalla Enugu
  4. Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Of Pain Assessment And Management Among Nurses In Esut Parklane Teaching Hospital Enugu
  5. The Attitude Of Senior Secondary Students On Health Promotion Activities In Trans-ekulu Secondary School, Enugu
  6. More

Peace Studies:
  1. Assessment Of Heads Of Schools’ Strategies In Managing Conflicts In Secondary Schools Administration In Enugu Metropolis
  2. Community Relations Strategies And Conflict Resolution In The Niger Delta: A Study Of Three Major Oil Companies
  3. The Role Of The Church In Ensuring Peace And Harmony In The Society A Study Of Owerri West Local Government Area In Imo State (1999 - 2014)
  4. Ethnic Conflicts And Political Violence Management On The Plateau.
  5. Good Governance Conflict Resolution Strategy And Conflict Management In The Niger Delta
  6. More

  1. The Problems Of David Hume’s Conceptualization Of Metaphysics
  2. A Critique Of H.l.a Hart’s Concept Of Human Rights
  3. An Appraisal Of Nicholas Malebranche’s Occassionalism
  4. More

Religion And Cultural Studies:
  1. A Crtique Of John Locke’s Theory Of Knowledge
  2. Problems Associated With Pre-marital Sex Among Youths: A Case Study Of Vandeikya Local Government Area Of Benue State
  3. Moral Decadence Among The Youth: The Way Forward In Gwer-west Local Government Area Of Benue State
  4. The Effects Of Prostitution On The Nigeria Contemporary Society
  5. More

Entrepreneurial Studies:
  1. Consequences Of Population Growth On Agricultural Production (a Case Study Of Enugu North L.g. A Of Enugu State)
  2. Effect Of Leadership Style On Cooperative Financial Performance. A Study Of Enugu State College Of Education (technical), Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited, Enugu.
  3. Assessment Of The Impact Of Co-operative Societies On Poverty Alleviation In Enugu State
  4. More

Environmental Studies:
  1. Assessment Of The Causes And Effect Of Water Pollution In Enugu East Local Government Area Enugu State
  2. The Impact Of Gully Coming In Uli Ihiala Local Government Area Of Anambra State
  3. The Importance Of Recycling In Preserving The Environment In Enugu Metropolis
  4. Assessment Of The Causes And Effects Of Water Pollution In Lagos State, Southern Nigeria
  5. Attitude Of People Toward Waste Disposal And Management In Jos-bukuru Metropolis
  6. More

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