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Computer Science:
  1. Design And Implementation Of A Sales Forecasting System Using Linear Regression Model
  2. Design And Implement An Online Bill Of Materials/quantity System For Power Transmission Company Of Nigeria, Enugu Sub-region
  3. Design And Implementation Of An Online Portal Registration: A Case Study Of National Open University Of Nigeria, Damaturu Study Centre
  4. Design And Implementation Of An Online Job Portal
  5. Application Of Virtual Reality In Solving Infrastructural Challenges In Enugu State.
  6. More

  1. Impact Of Agricultural Sector On Economic Growth In Nigeria (1981-2017)
  2. The Effect Of Interest Rate Spread On Savings, Investment And Private Consumption In Nigeria
  3. The Relationship Between Human Capital Investment Components And Economic Growth In Nigeria For The Period Of 1981 – 2017
  4. The Impact Of Interest Rate And Savings On The Financial Development Evidence Of Some Selected West African Countries.
  5. The Impact Of Unemployment On The Nigeria Economy Between 1982 And 2017
  6. More

Political Science:
  1. The Role Of Local Government In Rural Development (a Study Of Igbo-etiti Local Government Area, Enugu State)
  2. Women And Political Participation In Nigeria: A Study Of Udi L.g.a In Enugu State 1999-2015
  3. Internal Party Democracy And Political Stability In Nigeria: A Case Study Of Pdp Enugu East L. G. A. In Enugu State 2007-2018
  4. The Nigeria Police And Democratic Sustenance In Nigeria Fourth Republic
  5. Relationship Between Democratization And Corruption In Nigeria (1999-2016)
  6. More

  1. Challenges Facing Secondary School Teachers In Enugu North Local Government Area Of Enugu State
  2. Effects Of Laboratory Practical Activities On Senior Secondary School Students’ Academic Achievement In Chemistry In Agbani Education Zone
  3. The Impact Of Teaching Methods On The Academic Performance Of Secondary Schools Students In Ezeagu Local Government Area Of Enugu State.
  4. Effective Teaching And Learning Of Biology In Senior Secondary School In Enugu East Local Government Area Of Enugu State
  5. Factors Influencing The Performance Of Students In Financial Accounting Subject In All Government Owned Secondary School In Enugu East Loacl Government Area Of Enugu State
  6. More

Business Administration:
  1. Effect Of Human Resource Management On Organizational Performance In Enugu State. A Study Of Enugu Electricitydistribution Company (eedc).
  2. The Role Of Budgeting And Budgetary Control In A Business Organization
  3. The Effect Of Management By Objective On Organisational Performance Of Selected Manufacturing Firms In Enugu State.
  4. Impact Of Personnel Policies In Achieving Organizational Effectiveness (a Study Of Emenite Enugu)
  5. Nigeria Business Environment And Organizational Performance ( A Survey Of Selected Small Scale Business In Enugu South L.g.a)
  6. More

  1. An Appraisal Of The Right To Human Dignity And The State Of Prisons In Nigeria
  2. The Anti-terrorism Legislations In The Emergent Nigerian Democracy
  3. An Appraisal Of The Nigerian Child’s Right Against Human Trafficking
  4. An Examination Of Legislative Framework For Combating Money Laundering In Nigeria
  5. Appraisal Of The Enforcement Of Fundamental Human Rights In Nigeria
  6. More

Mass Communication:
  1. Role Of Broadcast Media In Educational Development In Nigeria: A Study Of Nta Enugu State
  2. Effect Of Internet On The Academic Performance Of Undergraduate Students In National Open University Of Nigeria, Enugu Study Center
  3. Assessment Of The Influence Of Broadcast Media Campaigns On Drug Abuse Among Teenagers In Enugu Metropolis
  4. The Use Of State Broadcast Media As Propaganda Machinery By State Government (a Case Study Of Esbs,enugu )
  5. Facility Problem In Media Organizations In Nigeria (a Study Esbs Enugu)
  6. More

Public Administration:
  1. Questionnaire On Employment Processes And The Effect On Employees Performance ( A Case Study Of Union Bank Nigerian Plg, Enugu)
  2. Effects Of Motivation On Law Enforcement Personnel In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Ebonyi State Police Command)
  3. The Effect Of Sickle Cell Anemia Among Children Age 0-12 Year Attending Comprehensive Health Centre Otukpo, Benue State
  4. The Role Of Local Government In National Development (a Case Study Of Local Government Council In Lagos State)
  5. Promoting Productivity In Civil Service In Nigeria Civil Service. ( A Case Study Of Enugu State Civil Service Commission)
  6. More

  1. The Effect Of Mother Tongue Interference In The Study Of English Language In Secondary Schools In Udi L.g.a
  2. Factors Affecting Language Choice In A Multilingual Society: A Case Study Of Benue State
  3. Poverty And Youth Restiveness In Nigeria: A Study Of The Boko Haram Crisis
  4. Themes And Style In Christopher Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus
  5. Impact Of Information Communication Technology (ict) On Teaching And Learning In Igbo Eze North Local Government Area (lga) Years 2014-2017
  6. More

  1. The Effects Of Poor Wastes Disposal On The Stream Water Quality In Agbani Urban Area In Nkanu West Lga Of Enugu State
  2. The Incidence Of Malaria In Pregnant Women Attending Clinics In Two Hospitals In Enugu Metropolis
  3. Effects Of Gluten-rich Diets On Liver Enzymes, Liver Tissues And Reproductive Organs Of Rats Exposed To Gluten-rich Diets.
  4. Studies On Wine Production From Coconut Fruit (cocos Nuciferalin )
  5. Determining The Activities And Specificity Of Enzymnes In Fermentation Of Starch From Maize.
  6. More

  1. Intelligence Gathering In Nigeria In The 21st Century A Study Of Enugu State
  2. The Effectiveness Of The Prison Service In Rehabilitation Of Offenders In Nigeria (a Case Study Of Enugu Central Prison)
  3. Victimological Appreciation Of Crimes And Conflict In Nigeria
  4. The Role Of Intelligence Led Policing In Curbing Contemporary Crimes In Nigeria
  5. Detection And Control Of Financial Frauds In Nigeria Banking System, Problems And Solution
  6. More

Nursing Science:
  1. Adoption As A Pattern Of Infertility Treatment Among Women Attending Gynaecology Clinic In Enugu State University Teaching Hospital Enugu
  2. Utilization Of Maternal And Child Health Services In Miga Lga Jigawa State
  3. Awareness And Practice Of Cervical Cancer Screenjng Among Female Workers In Unth Community Enugu State
  4. Knowledge And Attitude Of Antenatal Mothers Towards Epidural Analgesia For Labour Pains In University Of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (unth) Ituku-oza; A, Enugu.
  5. The Attitude Of Senior Secondary Students On Health Promotion Activities In Trans-ekulu Secondary School, Enugu
  6. More

Peace Studies:
  1. Community Relations Strategies And Conflict Resolution In The Niger Delta: A Study Of Three Major Oil Companies
  2. The Crisis Between Herdsmen And Farmers; A Case Study Of Benue State
  3. The Role Of The Church In Ensuring Peace And Harmony In The Society A Study Of Owerri West Local Government Area In Imo State (1999 - 2014)
  4. Impact Of Internally Displaced Persons (idp) Crisis On Human Security In North-east Nigeria During Boko Haram Insurgency 2011-2017.
  5. Terrorism As Instrument Of Advancing Socio-economic And Political Objective In Nigeria: Interrogating The Activities Of Fulani Herdsmen In Eastern Nigeria
  6. More

  1. An Appraisal Of Nicholas Malebranche’s Occassionalism
  2. The Problems Of David Hume’s Conceptualization Of Metaphysics
  3. A Critique Of H.l.a Hart’s Concept Of Human Rights
  4. More

Religion And Cultural Studies:
  1. A Crtique Of John Locke’s Theory Of Knowledge
  2. Moral Decadence Among The Youth: The Way Forward In Gwer-west Local Government Area Of Benue State
  3. Problems Associated With Pre-marital Sex Among Youths: A Case Study Of Vandeikya Local Government Area Of Benue State
  4. The Effects Of Prostitution On The Nigeria Contemporary Society
  5. More

Entrepreneurial Studies:
  1. Mobilizing Women For Economic Development Through Cooperative Sociteis In Imo State ( A Study Of Ahiazu-mbaise Local Government Area)
  2. Reduction Of Unemployment In Enugu State Through The Increasing Business Activities Of Co-operative Societies. (a Study Of Selected Co-operative Societies In Aninri Local Government Area, Enugu State)
  3. The Impact Of Poverty Alleviation Programme In Nigeria: A Case Study Of Orhionmwon Local Government Area Of Edo State, Nigeria.
  4. Effect Of Leadership Style On Cooperative Financial Performance. A Study Of Enugu State College Of Education (technical), Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited, Enugu.
  5. The Land Tenure System And Challenges Of Agricultural Development In Enugu State (a Case Study Of Selected Framers In Igbo-eze South Local Government Area Of Enugu State)
  6. More

Environmental Studies:
  1. The Impact Of Gully Coming In Uli Ihiala Local Government Area Of Anambra State
  2. Assessment Of The Causes And Effects Of Water Pollution In Lagos State, Southern Nigeria
  3. Assessment Of The Causes And Effect Of Water Pollution In Enugu East Local Government Area Enugu State
  4. Attitude Of People Toward Waste Disposal And Management In Jos-bukuru Metropolis
  5. The Importance Of Recycling In Preserving The Environment In Enugu Metropolis
  6. More

Financial Studies:
  1. Effects Of Standard Costing On The Profitability Of A Manufacturing Company
  2. Banks Participation In The Industrial Development In Nigeria (case Of Enugu State)
  3. Financial Control In A Computerized Accounting System Case Study Of Zenith Bank Plc
  4. “effective Internla Auditing As A Tool For Management Policy Implemetnation” ( A Case Study Of Emenite Limited)
  5. Effects Of Mandatory Adoption Of Ifrs On The Financial Performance Of Deposit Money Banks In Nigeria
  6. More